Sunday, February 1, 2015

Book of Gratitude

Just thought I'd post our finished thank you book


We will be delivering it sometime this.  Thanks to all who participated and help make a wonderful going away gift.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January Meeting Minutes

Nancy Lohmiller – 1-19-2015

We had a wonderful celebration on January 10th meeting. Thanks to everyone who brought goodies. Nora and her staff were appreciative for the sharing.

Our Agenda:
1. As my life changes direction I would like to step down from the ‘director’ position and
    allow other members to bring their creative spark to the group.
2. Concerns
                  a. Attendance was a central point of concern. There was an in depth conversation as
                       to member expectation.
                                    1.  Some would like more demos.
                                    2. Some felt a demo every month is to much.
                                    3. Some had concerns that only a few are willing an able to do demos and
    the expectation on a few would be unfair.
4.  Use meeting to critic and assist in the complication of books.
5. Having theme projects.
3. All felt a survey would be good.
                  a. So this is your opportunity to have a voice and let us know what direction you
                      like to see the group go toward achieving in 2015.
       Other possibilities/solution:
a.      Membership dues in-which the members take a more formal involvement in
b.     Night meetings were discussed but felt to difficult.
c.      A variety of different formats for meetings were discussed.
4. Artists and Display
                  a. We cannot have a meeting at Artist and Display in February. I have been looking
                      at others sites and so far the only one I have is the Library on 76th and North.
                                    (The group felt they would like the meeting in one place each month.)
                  b. Any one who has a thought on a possible location that is centrally located
                   let us know.
5. There was a concern that the “Artist Statements from the show were not handed back to
      the artist. This is normal. With the onset of computers most have a copy in their
       computer. Also,
FYI - When an artist puts work in a show there is an agreement that her work has to stay in the show for the duration.

1.     Pages for Nora. We had agreed to create pages for a book for Nora as a thank you. Please contact Sheila ASAP with your pages so we can complete the book and get it to her by February 1st.
2.     Valentine Post Card
a.      Design postcards for Valentine’s to share with members.
( Our next meeting February 14th.) Can be standard size. 
  Binder’s Guild Blog:
  Pinterest - Binder’s Guild Board:
  Images Opening reception show ‘Books Unbound 2’   

1.     The Book Arts Group in Racine has an open studio on Monday mornings.
       2.    I am still waiting for a reply from The Midwest Chapter

Check out the ‘Guild of BookWorkers’ and the Midwest Chapter of the guild of book workers at:
The Midwest Chapter of the Guild of Book Workers, the national organization for all the book arts.  The Midwest Chapter servers the greater Midwest region by hosting workshops, exhibitions and other events in the areas of bookbinding, artists books, printing, papermaking and all fields of the book arts.

2.     JoAnna Poehlmann

a.      Has a retrospective of her work at RedLine Milwaukee 1422 N. 4 St.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

2014 Binders Guild Show

Hard to believe there is only one week left for our show.  It seemed like yesterday I was running around trying to get everything done.

If you haven't seen, here's a few pictures:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Meeting Recap

Hello Everyone,

Several people turned in their Summer pages that were due at the August meeting.  (If you haven't turned yours in and would like to participate, please bring your Spring and Summer page to Fall page's due date.)  The Fall page will be due at the November 8th meeting.

Lots of discussion concerning the show:

Nancy does need to have a final tally of all the people who will be in the show.  So if you have not done so, please email her and let her know. 

Drop off time for your work is Sunday, November 2nd, from 9am to Noon or Monday, November 3rd, from 9am to Noon, at the gallery.

Please make sure you include a price sheet (sample on earlier post) of all your work.  Also please don't forget to include notes on any special hanging instructions needed.  Since this is a book show, if there is a book you do not want people to touch, please put "please put under glass"  in the hanging instructions.

Each piece should be given a price.  If you do not wish to sell something, just put NFS (not for sale) in the price line.

Artists are responsible for their own sales.  So, in order to buy a book, the customer will need to contact you.  You will need to provide a contact information sheet with your work.  It is important to remember that the work needs to stay in the gallery until the show is over.

For our canvas piece, and any other hanging piece you may have, should have the eye screw and wire on the back.  No sawtooth holders or hooks, etc.

We are allowed to have up to 12 pieces in the show.  We would like everyone to contribute:  an ABC book, Box of Curiosity and 12"x 12" Canvas piece.

Nancy is checking on the Reception date for the show.  We thought it best to have it on Friday, November 14th, from 6 - 8pm.  The amount for the food is $20 per artist.  Nancy is collecting the money.

The show runs till the end of November.  The pick-up date for work is December 1, from 9am-Noon.

Other buisness:

If you haven't had any experience with installing eye screws and wires on the backs of canvases.  Feel free to bring your canvas to our next meeting and someone will help with it.  The canvas doesn't need to be finished.

Also once again for our next meeting, we will be showing work for the show.  So please bring anything that you would like to have last minute feedback on or questions about how to hang, etc.

Our next meeting is scheduled for October 11th.  It is the last meeting before our work is due, so it should be quite energetic.  

Time to get to work!

Various Works Shown at September Meeting 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Websites to Browse

Below are a couple of websites for book arts.  Check them out.  (link: CenterforBookArts)  (link:  Philobiblon)

Monday, August 18, 2014

August Meeting Recap

The meeting for August was small but fun.  I was not there, but Nancy was and has filled me on the details.

For our show at the end of October-November.  The work will need to be delivered to the gallery (located inside Mount Mary University) by approximately the week of October 19th.  Nancy is obtaining the finalized dates and will let us know exactly when things need to be in.  Our group pieces that will definitely be in the show are:
                  ABC Book
                  Curiosity Box
                  12" x 12" canvas
If you have any other pieces that you would like to submit, you can up to a total of 12.  Please also keep in mind that you will need to have a price list sheet for your work.  We plan on reviewing all the details, bring examples of price sheets, etc., and answer questions you may have at our September 12th meeting.

The group also did discuss printing issues.  Printing issues come up quite often in book design.  Nancy said she could give some detailed specifics about the printing process at a future meeting.  It would also be a great time to share any hints and tricks that you might have come with to deal with some of these problems.  I will put it on the calendar for sometime next year, and let everyone the specific date has been set.

The Summer page for our "Seasons" book was exchanged.  If you missed the meeting (like me) but still want to participate, don't worry.  We will have a page exchanged day before we actually bind the book.  Once again, this won't happen until next year.

Just a reminder, you can check out our Pinterest board at (link:  bindersguild pinterest)    

Our next meeting is September 12th at Artist and Display from 10am to Noon.  If you are planning to have work in the show, please plan on attending. If you are unable to attend but are planning to be in the show, please send an email to Nancy or me, so we can start to have a preliminary tally of who, what and how many for the show.